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Volume One

Newsletter of the American Historical Theatre.............Fall 2004

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Lansdowne Tour
Comes to an End
After Four Years
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Meeting with Mrs. Cheney
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National Library of Medicine  Commissions Play & Players
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AHT Produces Mega Project with the New Jersey Education Association
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Historical Story Tours: A Major Success Story
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The American Historical Theatre, Inc. is a charitable and educational not-for-profit organization designed to bring history alive for both children and adults.  Our primary objective is to bring live historical performance into schools, museums and historic sites.. Many of these needy institutions would like to host performances, but are unable to afford bringing the characters to their sites due to travel, housing expense, and professional artist fees.

Here is the opportunity for you to assist in this most important work. Join the Patriotís Wall of Pride.  Support an historical character. See our web site ( Go to the press package section and select the character you wish to support.  $250 per month assures that historical character can make one school appearance during each month.


Become a MinuteMan/Woman

Contributions of  $100 per month will provide one of AHTís characters the ability to appear at a school or historic site within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia . As a Minuteman/Woman you will be offered the character of your choice to attend a dinner party for you and your friends at your site (home or restaurant). There will be no charge for the appearance.

Member of the Continental Line 

Contributions of $500 and up will receive quarterly access to the Patriot (online E-mail newsletter), providing information about upcoming events and interesting information about performances. (

Interest in the development of our group of American historical women continues to grow. Contributions in this category of $300 or more will assist AHT in developing additional historical women characters.

American Historical Scholars

Sponsorship of  $200 or more will enable AHT to further develop this program which will help to show elementary school teachers how to use historical characters in the classroom  You will be identified as a sponsor in each school where the program is applied. Your name as a sponsor will appear in the Patriot  (E-mail newsletter).

There is a growing interest in historical American authors, Poe , Washington Irving and others. Contributions of $100 or more to this category will assist AHT in the development of this group of characters. Your sponsorship will be identified at each performance. You will receive information about performances in the Patriot Quarterly email newsletter. (

Patriot Contributions to the ongoing work of the American Historical Theatre (a registered not-for-profit corporation and all contributions are tax deductible) To discuss how your contribution will be applied in supporting the effort, call AHT 215-232-2690

Calendar of Events
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