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Volume One

Newsletter of the American Historical Theatre.............Winter 2006

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Lansdowne Tour
Comes to an End
After Four Years

Meeting with Mrs. Cheney

National Library of Medicine  Commissions Play

AHT Produces Mega Project with the New Jersey Education Association

Heritage Story Tours


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Heritage Story Tours

  Have you ever been on a guided tour where the tour guide’s voice puts you to sleep and all you can think about is lunch? AHT, under the sponsorship of Once Upon a Nation, encourages you to take a special tour bus from Philadelphia to Valley Forge.  Forget your ideas of the normal bus tour - step on board a bus where you are given a role as a spy and your bus will be stopped and searched.  You will answer to General Washington or his aide when you reach the General's Head- quarters and you will meet General Von Steuben at the huts.  If you accomplish your spy mission, you will be allowed back on the bus for return to the city.  Tickets are available at the Visitors Center. 

Do you have children with you in this historic city?  Take them on a tour - Kids' Quest - lead by "Fish" and his puppet houndog Casper.  You will also meet their friends Hoppy, Matilda and Benjy. Can you solve the clues and find the lost Declaration of Independence?  Perhaps you can with the help of the puppets.

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Rene Goodwin as 
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George Washington in Barbados

America Celebrates Franklin's 300th Birthday in 2005

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Coming Soon:
Dean Bennett as
Dr. Benjamin Franklin
in new AHT Video

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Sherlock Holmes