The American Historical Theatre Presents

Harriet Tubman
The Underground Railroad

Fugitive slave, abolitionist , nurse, spy, and social reformer. In this powerful portrayal of Harriet Tubman, Barrymore Award nominated actress Cathy Simpson uses her brilliant ability as a storyteller to recall the life of this remarkable woman. Tubman was born a slave escaping to Philadelphia and freedom in 1849. While most of her race remained enslaved she could find no solace in her own liberty. Before the eventual abolition of slavery under President Lincoln, Harriet Tubman made almost 20 trips into the South and rescued some 300 Negroes from slavery. She was hailed by both black and white abolitionists as the "Moses" of her race; anti-abolitionists advertised a $40,000 bounty for her arrest. With the outbreak of the Civil War, she served the Union Army as a cook, nurse, scout, and spy. Before her death in 1913, she established schools for the freedmen, and participated in the temperance and women’s rights movements.

Cathy Simpson has portrayed Harriet Tubman for the African American Playhouse on PBS.

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