The American Historical Theatre Presents

Philadelphia’s Most Famous Portrait Painter

Meet Charles Willson Peale, the most prominent American portraitist of the Federal period,...who was also a:

Patriot, archaeologist, showman, scientist, taxidermist, zoo-manager, collector of curiosities, entrepreneur, bridge builder, inventor of a gizmo for keeping away flies, perfector of the physiogno-trace, pioneer polygrapher, fireplace patentee, dieter, triple husband (searching for a fourth wife at age 86), friend of Washington, Franklin,
Jefferson, Lafayette, father of many artistic children et cetera, et cetera…

Actor and historical interpreter Christian Johnson has been seen in numerous television & film productions including the George Washington mini-series with Barry Bostwick. An accomplished voice-over artist, he has also been heard on hundreds of radio and Television Commercials, and has read the Declaration of Independence on the steps of the National Archives as part of the National 4th of July Celebration.

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