The American Historical Theatre Presents

"In the course of
 human events..."

Steve Edenbo as
Young Thomas Jefferson

Truly a man of many talents and studies, no topic is beyond the interest of the man who would become our country’s third President. In addition to being a lawyer and a statesman, Thomas Jefferson was an architect, an inventor, a musician, founder of the University of Virginia, and even an authority on grapes and wine, yet he listed his primary occupation as "farmer." Opening the floor almost immediately to questions from the audience and encouraging lively discussion and debate, actor and historical interpreter Steven Edenbo brings this many faceted gentleman out of the past and truly into the present. Mr. Edenbo has appeared nationally as Thomas Jefferson, and with his uncanny resemblance to the red-headed Virginian is fast becoming recognized as a premier interpreter of the author of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

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