The American Historical Theatre Presents

"The Flag Unfurled"

Kim Hanley as

Betsy Ross


Did Betsy Ross design the American Stars and Stripes?  Of Course Not.

Did she sew a flag for Congress in 1777, the same year as the Flag Resolution?  Yes.

Was it the first Stars and Stripes ever made?  The world may never know.

Was she a single woman (widowed), living in very difficult times, running a successful business?  Absolutely!  And that is truly the story behind this often misrepresented heroine of the American Revolution.

In this presentation, Betsy Ross as portrayed by Kim Hanley, the design of the American Flag is broken down into its historical components, but more importantly, the work of women during the struggle for American Independence is brought to light.  The Patriotism displayed by this young widow is exemplary of the efforts of all women of her time.

Kim herself is a skilled craftsperson and seamstress as well as an actor/interpreter.  She holds her BFA degree from the State University of New York at F.I.T. in the Restoration and History of Decorative Arts.  She has appeared as Betsy Ross regularly at the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia, as well as for the White House Visitors Center in Washington DC, and for numerous schools and cultural institutions.  Kim also portrays Abigail Adams, the out-spoken wife of John Adams and mother to John Quincy Adams, and Molly Pitcher Revolutionary War heroine at the Battle of Monmouth.

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