The American Historical Theatre


The Love Letters of
George & Martha Washington

    Martha Washington destroyed all correspondence between herself and her husband, except two letters. The author of this short musical drama has recreated the remaining letters. From their respective rooms (on the stage) George and Martha Washington reminisce over some of their old correspondence and ruminate on the events of the past.

    18th Century musicians bridge the scenes with period music and dialogue, including a lively banter in the characters of Mount Vernon music master Philip Fithian and Nellie Custis (the General‘s step daughter who is about to be married).

    The play ends with a ball held at Mount Vernon with costumed dancers. The Washington’s step off the first minuet, the dancers follow with jigs and reels and in the final round the audience is instructed in the hilarity of the dance. This play is adaptable to theatres, ballrooms and similar spaces.

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