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Dean Malissa
George Washington

    With his impressive stature and a head of thick wavy white hair, Dean Malissa is a natural to portray our country's first President and Commander in Chief, General George Washington.  After several years of searching for the perfect interpreter to portray Washington, the American Historical Theatre in Philadelphia was delighted to find in Malissa a gentleman with the physical characteristics and intellectual ability to portray such an important historical figure.

    Dean Malissa is an accomplished performer having appeared at the Walnut Street Theatre and with other theatre companies in Philadelphia.  He has appeared in films, commercials and TV shows.  As a member of the American Historical Theatre, Malissa has performed as General Washington at a wide variety of venues including George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, the Smithsonian Institution, National Constitution Center, Chicago Historical Society and many other performances around the USA.  His film work as George Washington includes "Moments in Time - Valley Forge: The Crucible" (Discovery Channel), and a film for the National Flag Foundation.

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