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Dean Bennett has found his alter ego in Dr. Benjamin Franklin.  He was not the model for the sculpture on the park bench at the University of Pennsylvania , but when he sits beside the bronze “Ben” the likeness is uncanny and the statue seems to have sprung to life.  Dean has the same zest for life and the same insatiable curiosity about how the world works.  He exudes warmth and joviality and is quickly at home with the students in the schools he visits and guests at the banquets where he gives welcoming speeches.

 Dean is a Navy Veteran of the Korean War and a fine operatic baritone.  He studied and sang many operatic roles, some with his wife who now teaches voice.  After that he became a radio announcer and actor.  Recently he appeared for The American Historical Theatre in “The Real Ben Franklin” which was shown on the Discovery Channel.  Dean is the father of two adopted children and, more recently, he became a grandfather.  He has a deep and abiding interest in children and their education and believes, as do all other interpreters at AHT, that education can be enhanced by historical encounters.

With The American Historical Theatre, Dean has traveled to France as an ambassador for US Airways, appeared at The White House, introduced yearly programs at the National Archives and introduced the new $100 bill at the Department of the Treasury.  Dean is committed to a life-long study of Benjamin Franklin.  He has a hundred tales to tell and a thousand witty and wise sayings to pass on.


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