The American Historical Theatre Presents

Abigail Adams
Remember the Ladies...

Kim Hanley as Abigail Adams

        Kim Hanley uses the written words of Abigail and John Adams as the framework for her recounting of Abigailís extraordinary life. Although John and Abigail Adams spent most of the years during the War for American Independence apart, their prolific letter writing kept this remarkable couple in constant communication. From her interest in her husbandís work with Congress, to the day to day matters of life on the family farm in Braintree, Abigailís letters stand as a testimony to the power of womanhood in the 18th century. Although she claimed her role in life to be that of wife and mother, the occupations of farmer, real estate broker, accountant and merchant could be attributed to Mrs. John Adams. Her advocacy of American Independence included strong arguments for equality for all Americans. In admonishing her husband to "...remember the ladiesÖ," she clearly voiced the need for womenís education and the abolition of slavery.

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